Toronto-based, Anishinaabe digital artist and painter, Jenny Kay Dupuis brings together her passions through fine art, storytelling, and pop culture references - creating a unique style of Woodland Pop Art that uplifts and inspires. Since her early years, Jenny Kay's always been making things with her hands from paintings on canvas, to beadwork, to leatherwork, to sculpture. Jenny Kay's progression into Woodland Pop Art reflects the world around her. She uses bright, colourful imagery and symbolism to express a play on the world today and the interrelationships between people, animals, and plants. 

Jenny Kay is also a multi-award winning Indigenous author, educator, and well-sought after speaker who focuses on raising awareness when it comes to Indigenous realities in education, literature, and the arts. Her efforts have taken her around the world supporting corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGO's), as well as school districts, universities, and colleges.

In particular, Jenny Kay's interests in her family's past and her commitment to teaching about the truth and Indigenous realities through literature drew her to co-write "I Am Not a Number," a best-selling children's book about her granny's experience at a residential school in Northern Ontario. Her next children's picture book will be released in 2023 in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

Jenny Kay completed her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Calgary. She holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in History and Visual Arts. She is also a certified teacher and learning strategist. 

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